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Shimano SM-CD800 Chainguide

Shimano SM-CD800 Chainguide

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For those running 1x front chainring setups a chain guide is a great way to ensure your chain stays exactly where it should- on your chainring.  Shimano's SM-800 series chain guides do exactly that- keep your chain in place over the rootiest, rockiest, bumpiest terrain you can find. 

Who's this item for: Downcountry, Trail and Enduro riders who want maximum chain security ensuring dropped chains are a thing of the past.

Materials: The direct mount bracket and chain retention device are made from resin while the ISCG-05 mounting arm is made from aluminium. 

Chainring compatibility: The Shimano SM-800 series chain guides will fit 30-38T chainrings. These chain guides are only suited to 1x chainring setups.

Cassette compatibility: Although designed to work with 10-45T and 10-51T cassettes specifically, they will work with other wide range cassettes.

Chainline: 52mm (ideal but not mandatory).

Dimensions / weight: Not specified.

What's in the box: One chain guide and necessary mounting bolts. 

Pros: Designed to work with wide range cassettes. Lightweight. Easy to adjust screw.

Cons: Will only work with 1x front chainring setups.  
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