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Schwalbe Eddy Current eBike Tyre

Schwalbe Eddy Current eBike Tyre

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With the extra weight and power output of e-bikes, tyres are one of the most important updates that need to be made to combat the higher forces put through the rubber and into the dirt.
For an e-bike, rolling resistance isn't exactly a worry, so why not just make something as grippy and strong as you can, right?  That's exactly what Schwalbe have gone for here.  
With a front and rear specific tread pattern, they have optimised the tyre for maximum strength and grip.  You've NEVER seen a tyre quite like these!

Who's this for:  E-bike riders wanting a tyre that can withstand the pure punishment a big burly e-bike can dish out.  The rear version is also fantastic for enduro or DH riders wanting superior reliability and casing durability.

Suggested terrain:  With it's large, square block pattern tread, both the Front and Rear tyres work well on pretty much any terrain.  The only area where they suffer a little bit, is in really hardpack dirt.  Due to the shear surface area and support of each knob, you won't get any squirm, they'll just be slow (but that's what the motor is for!)

Which wheel: Both versions have the same Super Gravity casing, reinforced folding bead, and Soft rubber compound.  It's the tread pattern that differs between them. 
Front:  The Front version is a channelled design with large supported side knobs for aggressive cornering.  There is an alternating intermediate knob to help in situations when you need to lean the bike, but not so far as to engage the full side knobs, this improves predictability.  There are no ramps here, so there's a huge amount of bite into the dirt.
Rear:  The are more knobs on the rear, and rather than a channelled design, they've gone for an intermediate pattern with more knobs between the centre and side lugs.  Coupled with more rubber, the knobs are even longer on the rear.  This aids in climbing traction particularly, so when powering up the steepest, loosest climbs, you're pretty much guaranteed to never slip a wheel.

Rim width:  All versions of the tyre are rated for rims 30-40mm wide.

27.5x2.8 - 1350g
29x2.4 - 1250g
29x2.6 - 1350g

27.5x2.8 - 1350g
29x2.6 - 1415g

Pros:  Insane amounts of traction, support, and strength in just about all conditions.

Cons:  They're DAMN heavy.
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