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Galfer FD452 Brake Pad For Shimano XTR - XT - SLX

Galfer FD452 Brake Pad For Shimano XTR - XT - SLX

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Pad Compound
Spanish braking moto braking wizards have cracked into the MTB market with some pads that are designed to bite harder and last longer than the standard pads that come with your brakes.

Who's this for?  Riders looking for an upgrade for their brake pads, or to replace worn out ones.

Rotor compatibility?  Works best with Galfer rotors, but works just fine with any standard rotor.

Caliper compatibility?  These fit any Deore level brake from 2011 and onwards.  That  includes, Deore, SLX, XT, and XTR. 
Not compatible with m9100 2019 XTR.

Pad compounds?
Pro compound:
  • Highest power
  • Best performance on longer descents (10+ minutes)
  • High temperature fade resistacne
  • Don't need bedding in, AT ALL
  • Low durability
  • Wear out the rotor faster
  • Best for DH race, bike park trips, and alpine adventures
Standard compound:
  • Little bit less power
  • Last longer
  • Great in all weather conditions
  • Excellent all-round option
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