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Dakine Deluxe Pick Up-Ute Tailgate Mounted Pad

Dakine Deluxe Pick Up-Ute Tailgate Mounted Pad

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The Dakine Deluxe Pad is based on the original Pickup Pad and adds updated features to accommodate things like new backup camera technology via the enlarged access flap, and fits modern tailgate styling including wider spoilers. The Deluxe has space enough for the quick and secure transport of up to 7 bikes on the large pad and 5 bikes on the small pad. Each bike is secured with its own individual strap and has anti-theft protection in the form of burly grommets for cable locks. The thick pad is fleece-lined, creating a barrier between your truck and bike so you can leave it on all season long for quick shuttle laps anytime!

Who's this item for: Owners of a late-model ute or big 'ol pickup truck that want the ability to quickly and easily load up a bunch of bikes.

How many bikes does it carry: The large pad can carry up to 7 bikes while the small pad can carry up to 5. Most Aussie utes will require the small pad while larger, US-style pickups (Ford, Dodge) might need the large pad (see decision tree in images to work out which one you need).

Tailgate handle cutout: Yes, there is a large access flap for tailgate handles and reversing cameras.

How much does it weigh / dimensions: The large pad is 59" (149cm).

Materials: 1000D Polyester with UV/weather-resistant coating

Pros: The shape of the pad works well with modern tailgates and the large foldout flap is reversing camera friendly. Anti-theft construction for peace of mind when you go for post-ride refreshments.

Cons: The large pad is only suitable for massive US-style pickups. It will be too large for your typical Aussie ute (Hilux, Navara etc). The inside of the flap is made from exterior material (so when folded up it's protected against the weather/sun) this does mean if you leave it down, it might chafe on the paintwork - depending on the size of your handle. This can easily be remedied by sticking some clear contact on the paintwork in this small section.

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