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USWE Outlander-3 Hydration Pack

USWE Outlander-3 Hydration Pack

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When all you need is some water, your phone, and some spares and tools, you don't want to have to carry a big ol' pack that's uncomfortable and annoying.  That's where the Outlander 3 pack comes in!  You can barely feel the pack, and it can store pretty much anything you'll need for pretty much any length ride.

Who's this for: The Outlander 3 is great for riders who want to be able to carry a decent amount of water, a few spares and some small tools.

Strap style:  USWE have a fantastic system called No Dancing Monkey that keeps the pack secured in one position without bouncing around, and it doesn't restrict movement or breathing.

Bladder: This comes with an Elite 1.5L bladder and that is the maximum capacity this pack will take.  

Internal pockets: There is one, water proof pocket for a phone or wallet that measures 8.5cm x 16cm. There's also a detachable front pocket that has 1L of storage.

Dimensions and weight: 370g excluding bladder.  Fits a chest from 84-110cm.
38cm x 29cm x 8cm

Pros: Barely noticeable on your back, just enough water and storage for some decent length rides.

Cons: Not much really, this pack is super versatile.
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