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SRAM 900 6 Bolt Disc Front Hub

SRAM 900 6 Bolt Disc Front Hub

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Sram's new 900 level hubs bring all the technology from their class-leading X.0 hubs down to a lower price point.


Double Time Engagement: 52 points of engagement via 4 pawls this equates to the freehub engaging every 6.9 degrees. Fast!

Seeker: Very clever - the hub flanges are angled to point at the rim. This ensures the spokes are never getting extra stress put on them by rubbing on the flange.

Side Swap: The end caps are the same on both sides. If you have both caps off - just put them back on. It doesn't matter which side.

Speedball: Every part of the bearings in the 900 hubs are sourced from the same supplier. This ensures exceptional accuracy time and time again. You'll never have to adjust these bearings.

Torque Cap Compatible: If you've got a torque cap compatible fork, you can change the end caps out to the oversized torque caps. This increases the interface size between hub and fork and results in a stiffer front end.

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