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SQLab 7OX Lock On Grips

SQLab 7OX Lock On Grips

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The 70x offers the perfect grip ergonomics for gravity and downhill riders in rough terrain and wet and muddy conditions.

The scope of delivery includes one set of grips. The special textured zone of the front and bottom side provides optimal support for the fingers in any situation. The exterior side provides cushioning and comfort.

The grips clamp on the inner edge and the sleeve only extends a third of the way in. This increases shock absorption and comfort on the hand’s outer side. 

Only the best materials are used and various rubber compounds ensure a perfect grip and a high level of comfort. 

Installation: The inner sleeve only extends a third of the way in from the lockring to maximise the comfort and vibration damping qualities of the grip. Initial installation may be more difficult than with a standard lock-on grip. Lubricating the inside of the grip with some isopropyl alcohol will help the grip to slide on easily and will evaporate quickly, without leaving any residue behind.


  • Length: 134.8mm
  • Weight: 155g
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