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Shimano XTR SM-CRM95 Direct Mount Chainring

Shimano XTR SM-CRM95 Direct Mount Chainring

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The Shimano XTR SM-CRM95 chain rings are the ultimate light weight solution for riders using the Shimano Direct Mount system. Featuring Dynamic Chain Engagement, it will keep your peddling smooth, and reduce dropped chains even on the bumpiest rides. It is designed specifically for riders using a 1x12 setup but will also work on 1x11. 

Who's this item for: Designed for XC riders looking for the lightest available chain ring for their 1x set up. It would also be great for riders with a Trail or Enduro bike looking for a lightweight solution.

Number of teeth: Available in 30T-36T options.

Mounting style: Mounted using Shimano's direct mount.

Offset options: 52mm chainline only.

Chain retention technology: Features Dynamic Chain Engagement Plus.

Weight: The 34 tooth is approximately 84 grams.

Pros: Shimano's premium chain ring, light weight and excellent chain retention.

Cons: XTR comes at a price, not suitable for 2x set ups.
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