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Shimano XTR FH-M9111 Rear Hub

Shimano XTR FH-M9111 Rear Hub

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The new Shimano XTR hubs were developed to meet the demands of the worlds best MTB riders and racers.  When searching for innovation and speed Shimano left no stone unturned or untested.  An example of this is the new Micro Spline freehub which was developed in collaboration with DT Swiss.  This new Micro Spline freehub allowed Shimano to develop cassettes with a huge gear range.  All the way from the tiny 10T cog to the enormous 51T cog.  The Micro  Spline freehub also runs very quite with their new pulley freewheel system.  They have moved away from traditional pawls to a new system that allows a very low 7.0 ° engagement.  This reduced travel between the freehubs 'pick up points' is perfect for racers looking for that edge.  Shimano has stayed true to their roots with their tried and tested cup and cone bearing system.  Polished and hardened steel bearing shells and stainless steel balls make for fast rolling hubs. Protect these behind Labyrinth and Contact seals and you have a hub with a long service life that will stand up to today's MTB rigors. 

Who's this item for: XC, Trail and Enduro riders wanting to use Shimano's new 12spd Micro Spline cassettes.  Also riders who know XTR's long, star studded history and would like to be a part of it. 

Materials: You will find aluminum and steel used throughout the construction of this hub. 

Engagement: There is a pick up point every 7.0 ° of rotation of the freehub.

Convertibility: This hub can only be used in it's factory configuration. 

Bearing style / amount: Shimano's cup and cone system using stainless steel ball bearings and polished and hardened steel cones and cups. 

What's in the box: In the box you will find one Shimano XTR rear hub and one centerlock brake lockring.

Weight: Shimano's claimed weight is 238-grams.

Pros: XTR has been known as the 'top dog' in the MTB world for decades for a good reason.  J-bend spokes, quiet freehub operation, fast engagement.

Cons: The fact that the hubs aren't available with sealed cartridge bearings some might view as a negative.
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