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Shimano XT SL-M8100 12 Speed Shift Lever

Shimano XT SL-M8100 12 Speed Shift Lever

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Shifter Remote Mount
The M8100 12 speed shifter features everything that you know and love about Shimano shifters. Instant Release technology means immediate action at the derailleur and Multi Release technology means you can quickly drop up to 2 gears in one push of the lever. The 2-way release design means you can move to a harder gear by pushing or pulling the up shifter and with its ball bearing construction, less force is required to activate it (35% less than the M8000). The XT M8100 provides precise and effortless shifting all day long. 

Who's this item for: Riders looking to get the most our of their Shimano 12 speed derailleur. 

Number of gears: 12 speed.

Weight: It weighs 117gms.

Materials: Shimano doesn't list the materials used, but it features a rubberised pad for extra grip and comfort.

Mount style: The M8100 shifter is available in two different options. The I-Spec-EV which allows for up to 45 degrees of rotational adjustment for a more customised cockpit. They are also available in a standard 22.2mm bar clamp. 

What's in the box? Shifter, shifter cable, cable housing, cable crimp, and end caps.

Pros: Crisp shifting, 2 way release and rapid fire technology, whats not to love?
Cons: No backwards compatibility for the I-Spec mounts. 

Note: The I-Spec-EV mount will only work with Ispec-EV compatible brakes.
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