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Shimano XT FH-M8110 12 Speed Rear Hub

Shimano XT FH-M8110 12 Speed Rear Hub

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With a fast but near silent 7 degree pick up, and Microspline freeub interface, the m8100 hub from Shimano lets you run the new 12 speed Shimano cassettes.

Who's this for:  Riders wanting to run the new wave of Shimano 12 speed cassettes.

Engagement:  A reasonably fast 7 degrees.  It uses Shimano's patened Scylence tech, to keep it super quiet.

Convertibility:  Only compatible in its stock configuration.

Bearing style:  Using labyrinth and contact sealed, polished cup and cone bearings.

Brake rotor mount:  Centrelock.

Pros:  Quiet, fast, Microspline.

Cons:  Miscrospline and centrelock only.
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