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Shimano WH-MT500 Front Wheel

Shimano WH-MT500 Front Wheel

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Budget friendly, trail worthy wheels from Shimano!

Who's this for:  Riders looking for a replacement wheel of decent quality that won't hurt your back pocket.

Spoke holes:
  24 spokes

Convertibility:  Not convertable between sizes.

Bearings:  Loose ball, cup and cone bearings.  Contact grease seals.

Brakes:  Centrelock rotors only!

Tubeless:  Not with the included rim strips, but yes with tubeless tape.

Dimensions:  21mm depth for good vertical compliance.  24mm internal width.

Tyres:  Perfect for 2.0" to 2.3" tyres.

Joining:  Pin jointed rims walls.

Material:  Aluminium.

Spoke count:
  24 spokes

Lacing:  2 cross lacing.

Materials:  Stainless steel spokes, with brass nipples.

Hub mount:  J-bend style

Overall weight:
27.5 - 900g
29 - 950g

Pros:  Budget friendly, strong enough for reasonable trail use.

Cons:  Centrelock only.  Only 24 spokes.
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