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Shimano Type B Brake Pads

Shimano Type B Brake Pads

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Pad Compound

Genuine Shimano Brake pads. Available in both Sintered/Metallic for longer pad life and great wet weather performance, but a bit more noise, or Resin/Organic, for lower noise and less rotor wear.

Please note - some Shimano brake rotors are for resin pads only. This will be printed on the rotor

  • B01S are resin compound pads and come with a split pin and spring.
  • M05 are resin compound pads and come with a spring.
  • E01S are metallic compound pads and come with a split pin and spring.

Compatible with

(your brake model can be found on the side of the brake caliper that faces the wheel) See the link below to find the brake pad compatibility chart.

B01S (resin pads):

MTB Brakes:

  • BR-M525
  • BR-M495
  • BR-M475
  • BR-M465
  • BR-M447
  • BR-M446
  • BR-M445
  • BR-M416
  • BR-M416A
  • BR-M415
  • BR-M4050
  • BR-M3050
  • BR-M395
  • BR-M375
  • BR-M365
  • BR-M355
  • BR-M315
  • BR-M515
  • BR-M515LA
  • BR-MT500 - Deore
  • BR-MT400
  • BR-MT200 - Altus
  • BR-M575
  • BR-M486
  • BR-M485

Touring Brakes:

  • BR-T675
  • BR-T615
  • BR-TX805

Flat Mount Brakes:

  • BR-UR300

CX Brakes:

  • BR-C501
  • BR-C601

M05 (resin pads):

MTB Brakes:

  • BR-M575
  • BR-M486
  • BR-M485

E01S (metallic pads):

  • BR-C601
  • BR-M515
  • BR-M515LA

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