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Shimano SLX SM-CRM75 Shimano Direct Mount Chainring

Shimano SLX SM-CRM75 Shimano Direct Mount Chainring

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The SLX SM-CRM75 chain ring uses the same direct mount system as XTR and also features Dynamic Chain Engagement. With a narrow wide tooth profile, it provides excellent chain retention and less chain vibration even on bumpy trails.

Who's this item for: Designed for all riders using Shimano 12 speed direct mount cranks and Shimano 12 speed chains.

Number of teeth: It is available in 30T-34T options.

Mounting style: Mounts using Shimano's Direct mount system and can be used across multiple crank-sets. 

Chain retention technology: Has Shimano's Direct Chain Engagement for improved chain retention with their 12 speed chains.

Materials: Made with aluminium arms and Steel teeth.

Weight: The weight of the chain ring is unspecified by Shimano, but it is heavier than other Shimano chain rings in the same series.

Pros: Excellent chain retention, Shimano Direct mount for interchangeability.

Cons: There isn't an Oval option. 
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