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Sendy Saver Knee Pads

Sendy Saver Knee Pads

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Sendy Saver Knee pads are ideal for long days in the saddle. XC, Enduro and light gravity riders will love the mix of stretch materials and heavy-duty Kevlar to provide all-day protection without sacrificing comfort.

Who's this item for: Any riders wanting a solid, pedal-friendly pair of knee guards that won't break the bank.

Protection Style: These are soft style kneepads with a protective foam insert.

Closure or Slip-on: Slip-on style pad with silicon upper cuff lining and an adjustable strap over the calf to stop slippage.

Protection level: Sendy Saver is a soft style pad and hence provides a moderate level of protection. 

Removable protective inserts for washing: The protective inserts are non-removable.

Note: Please take care to not pull the knee pads up your leg from the top of the pads as you would a pair of socks. The material is not designed for this and may cause tears. Damage to the knee pads of this nature may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty. We recommend pulling up knee pads from the top and bottom of the pad with care, in a way that avoids stretching the mesh or damaging the stitching.
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