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Rockshox Pike DJ Solo Air A4 Fork

Rockshox Pike DJ Solo Air A4 Fork

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When the Pike was re-released in 2013 it changed the landscape and redefined how supple, responsive and supportive a trail fork could be. Built on the sturdy 35mm chassis and looking a lot like a Pike Trail fork, the Pike DJ has been specifically designed with the needs of dirt jumpers and slopestyle riders in mind, featuring a specific Solo-Air system with more bottom-out progression and a custom-tuned Charger damper.

The Solo-Air spring is plush and predictable and easily set-up or customised to suit the trail in front of you and you can tune your bottom-out progression using Bottomless Tokens quickly and easily. Add tokens to increase the amount of resistance you feel further into the travel or remove them to provide a more linear response through the full travel of your fork. Combine this with the easy-to-adjust Solo Air spring and there’s no limit to your trailside tunability to match your riding style to the trail or jump line presented to you.

The Charger damper provides intuitive adjustment of both low-speed compression and rebound damping which allows you to dial in the amount of support you get through pumps and berms as well as control pedalling input and the ability to control rebound response to maximise traction.

Designed for 26” wheels with a 15mm x 100mm thru-axle and available in 100mm and 140mm travel options, the Pike Dj is not your typical trail fork for those that are not your typical trail riders.

Who's this item for: Dirt Jumpers or Slopestyle riders that want a fork capable of landing big hits with finesse and confidence.

Spring type: The Pike DJ features a customised Solo-Air spring assembly that offers more bottom-out progression than standard.

Wheel size compatibility: The Pike DJ is for 26” wheels only.

Fork offset: 40mm

Axle to crown height: 100mm travel - 482mm, 140mm travel - 522mm

Max tyre width: 66mm or 26 x 2.6” wide.

Suspension travel amount: Two models; 100mm and 140mm

Compression damper style technologies/adjustments: The Pike Dj features a customised Charger damper and provides incremental low-speed compression damping adjustment.

Rebound damper technologies/adjustments: Incrementally adjustable low-speed rebound adjustment.

Travel adjustability: Travel can be adjusted by replacing the air spring assembly (sold separately).

Volume adjustability: Air volume can be adjusted by removing or replacing bottomless tokens. Add tokens to increase the amount of resistance you feel further into the travel or remove them to provide a more linear response through the full travel of your fork.

Stanchion diameter: The Pike DJ uses 35mm aluminium tapered wall stanchions.

Axle size and style: 15 x 100mm Maxle with QR.

Steerer tube standard: 1.5” Tapered steerer tube.

Lowers materials: Magnesium alloy lowers.

CSU / Steerer tube materials: Forged aluminium crown, 1.5” Tapered aluminium steerer.

Brake hose clamp / retention style: Included full-wrap bolt-on hose/cable guide.

Brake mount style: 160mm Post Mount.

Brake rotor compatibility (minimum/maximum): 160mm Minimum, 220mm maximum

Pros: A specific fork for a specific task, featuring excellent air-spring and damper changes over standard and a great balance of stiffness and suppleness in a lightweight package.

Cons: Some riders may want the added adjustability of controlling high-speed compression and rebound damping.

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