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Rockshox Lyrik B1+ and Yari A1+ Debonair Upgrade Kit

Rockshox Lyrik B1+ and Yari A1+ Debonair Upgrade Kit

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    Why buy a new fork when you can upgrade the one you have? 

    The Rockshox DebonAir air spring upgrade kits will make your fork smoother and more responsive than ever before and provide you with increased traction for improved corner speed and all-around confidence.


    • Suits Lyrik B1+ and Yari A1+ forks
    • Solo air, DebonAir technology
    • Weighs 59 grams
    120mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.006 Barcode: 710845816994

    130mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.005 Barcode: 710845816987

    140mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.004 Barcode: 710845816970

    150mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.003 Barcode: 710845816963

    160mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.002 Barcode: 710845816956

    170mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.001 Barcode: 710845816949

    180mm - RockShox Part: 00.4019.932.000 Barcode: 710845816932
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