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Rockshox Charger 2 RCT3 Crown Adjust Damper Kit

Rockshox Charger 2 RCT3 Crown Adjust Damper Kit

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Upgrade your Rock Shox fork to the latest Charger 2 Damper with RCT3 crown adjust

The second incarnation of the Charger Damper has seen it undergo a few tweaks to provide it with more low-speed compression adjustment in the open setting and more refined damping in the pedal setting. The damper now has an external bleed port to make servicing more simple and the new top cap uses a cassette tool fitting to make removal far easier. No more having to grind the chamfer off a socket to make it fit, and no more damaged top caps!

This upgrade kit is the crown adjust version including the complete right side internals and will replace your existing top cap with the RCT3 version, making it a great upgrade from an RC model. You'll get heaps more adjustment options and a noticeable performance boost. Upgrading your Yari to the Charger 2 Damper will essentially turn your fork into a Lyrik (Lari/Yarik?) as they share the same chassis. Sweet!

The Charger 2 Damper is compatible with the following models:


  • 2014 - 2017 (A1 - A2) Max Travel 160mm 
  • 2018 (B1+) Max Travel 160mm                                             


  • 2016+ (B1+) Max Travel 180mm


  • 2016+ (A1+) Max Travel 180mm

What's included

  • Full right side internals including upgraded damper, new top cap design, and RCT3 adjustments
  • External Rebound, low-speed compression, 3 position compression (open/pedal/firm)

LYRIK-YARI A1-B1 - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.019 Barcode: 710845802751

PIKE 26 - 15X100MM NON BOOST - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.021 Barcode: 710845805813

PIKE 27.5 - 15X100MM NON BOOST - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.022 Barcode: 710845805820

PIKE 27.5 B1 2018+ - 15X110MM BOOST - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.015 Barcode: 710845802713

PIKE 29 - 15X100MM NON BOOST - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.023 Barcode: 710845810756

PIKE 29 A1-A2 - 15X110MM BOOST - RockShox Part: 00.4018.783.017 Barcode: 710845802737
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