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Renthal Traction Lock On Grips

Renthal Traction Lock On Grips

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If you want the most grip, Renthal Traction Lock-On grips are the answer.

The Traction grips offer several great design features that set themselves apart from the competition. The aluminium clamps are CNC machined and integrate with the grip's cores to ensure they'll never slip or develop any play. The grip pattern also provides a tremendous amount of grip for the rider with angled ridges to increase grip whether you are braking or descending. If you want the most control, we strongly recommend these grips.

Kevlar Compound (Khaki):

Kevlar resin provides awesome grip and absorption. These offer the best longevity.

Medium Compound (Black):

The Medium compound offers great durability and a solid connection with the bars, for increased control.

Soft Compound (Blue):

The Soft compound provides a very high level of tackiness and good shock absorption.

Ultra Tacky Compound:

The Ultra Tacky compound offers the highest level of tackiness. Please note, these will wear out the quickest.

Compound Tackiness Absorption Durability Control
Medium *** *** **** *****
Soft **** **** *** ****
Ultra tacky ****** ***** *** ****
Kevlar **** **** ***** ****
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