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Peaty's Premium All Weather LinkLube Chain Lube

Peaty's Premium All Weather LinkLube Chain Lube

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Peaty's LinkLube All-Weather is a peppermint-fresh, triple-distilled high-speed chain oil for use in all conditions.

The unique formula gets deep into the chain, removing dirt and dust, and leaving behind a unique blend of oil and wax. This ensures optimum protection and the best possible lubrication in varying conditions.

Who's this item for: This is the lube to reach for if you're likely to face four seasons in one day. It performs great in both wet and dry conditions. 

Material: Mixture of oils, waxes and non-toxic nanoparticles

Suitable conditions: All-weather

Note: For best results, remove all traces of any non-Peaty's lubricant with a quality drivetrain degreaser and thoroughly rinse and dry the chain before applying.

A pre-used chain might turn black after a little while. Never fear, it's just the old grime coming out. Just keep riding, degreasing, lubing, and repeating until your chain is shiny once more.

For longer-lasting performance in wet conditions, don't wipe away all the excess lube and leave a small amount on the outside of the chain to help keep the water out.

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