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Peaty's Dry LinkLube Chain Lube

Peaty's Dry LinkLube Chain Lube

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Peaty's Dry LinkLube Chain Lube is a biodegradable, wax-based chain lube for use in dry and dusty to mildly moist conditions. The unique formula uses a blend of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion to create a long-lasting, clean-running quiet chain lube that is perfect for your typical Aussie summer riding conditions.

Wax is the best lube option for dry conditions as it fills your links and rollers with a hard, slippery coating that is long-lasting and dry to the touch so it won't attract dirt and dust.

Peaty's unique formula penetrates and cleans deep inside your chain, driving out moisture, grit and grime and replacing them with a unique blend of oils and waxes (Peaty's secret sauce) to lubricate and protect. Yes, you read that correctly! Peaty's Link Lube actually cleans your chain as you use it!

Who's this item for: This is a dry lube so it's perfect for hot summer days in dry, dusty conditions.

Style of chain lube: Dry wax-based lubricant.

Suitable conditions: Dry and dusty to mildly moist conditions.Not suitable for really wet days as the water will wash it away.

For best results, remove all traces of old lubricant with a quality drivetrain degreaser and thoroughly rinse and dry the chain before the first application.

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