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Muc-Off Rim Tape

Muc-Off Rim Tape

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The Muc-Off tubeless tape is made using a pressure sensitive proprietary material to give the perfect amount of stretch, durability and strength needed to create a long-lasting airtight seal inside a tubeless rim. Unique to this tape is the semi-transparent material which makes poking the valve hole out an easy job! Muc-Off has also included four patches with each roll to stick over the tape seam to ensure that it doesn't start to peel up over time. 

Who's this item for: Anyone wanting to seal up most road, CX and MTB tubeless compatible rims.

Length: 10 metre roll

Widths: This tape is available in 6 different widths (17mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm and 35mm)
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