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Muc-Off eBike Dry Lube

Muc-Off eBike Dry Lube

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The Muc-Off e-Bike Dry Lube is specifically designed for the hi-torque loads  that eBikes apply to the chain. With a unique ceramic formulation that contains Boron Nitride compounds for low friction in dry and dusty conditions. Perfect for use with chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs & pedals.

  • Creates a dry ceramic coating for increased durability and dry condition performance
  • Contains Boron Nitride compounds
  • Ceramic compounds provide ultra-low friction for unparalleled lubrication
  • Non-dust attracting - excels in dry and dusty conditions
  • Utilises biodegradable organic compounds
  • Ideal for road and off-road
  • Integral UV tracer dye - aids accurate application to ensure total protection.
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