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Lezyne Threaded Co2 Cartridges

Lezyne Threaded Co2 Cartridges

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Lezyne threaded cartridges are perfect for fast reliable inflation. These are a must have item for racers who need a fast light weight alternative to hand pumps or for home mechanics that are struggling to seat stubborn tubeless tyres. The cartridges are so small, they are easy to store in pockets, packs and saddlebags.

Available in two different sizes:

16g cartridges are perfect for high-pressure tyres.

25g cartridges are perfect for all standard mountain bike tyres.  It will fill a tyre to the following PSI:

  • 26 x 2.5 inch - 40 psi
  • 27 x 2.5 inch  - 32psi
  • 29 x 2.5 inch -  22 psi

Please note that these are approximations. Inflation depends on tyre size which can vary between brands and inflation also depends on proper use. For mountain bike use, we recommend 25g cartridges.  

Be sure to purchase a few extras!

Requires inflator.

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