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Granite Design Punk Co2 Inflator

Granite Design Punk Co2 Inflator

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When punctures get you down, the PUNK will sort you out! Co2 inflators are perfect for rapid, trailside tire inflation. Stash the Granite Designs Punk in your ride pack and eliminate the worry of being stranded trailside. 

Who's this item for: Any riders full stop. If you aren't already carrying a mini-pump we'd recommend a Co2 inflator to get you out those unfortunate puncture situations.

What C02 canisters does it work on: The Punk will work with both 16g and 25g canisters.

What valves does it work on: For use on Presta valves only.

Insulation on the body or head: Silicone insulation sleeve in small (fits 16g) or large (fits 25g) to protect your hands when inflating.
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