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Granite Design PITA Pedal Cover

Granite Design PITA Pedal Cover

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These convenient little neoprene covers protect your pedals and stop them from gouging your mates paint or components when the bikes are all packed in the back. 

If you've ever witnessed your pedals cause bent spokes or scuffed paint then the PITA covers are for you. On top of that, if you remove your pedals from the bike when travelling, why not wrap them in a PITA to protect your pedals and the other things packed around them? 

Who's this item for: Any riders who want to protect their pedals during travel or who're conscious of damaging others bikes. 

Materials: Neoprene construction.

Dimensions: Pita covers come in two sizes:
  • Small (fits pedals up to 100mm x 55mm)
  • Large (fits pedals up to 115mm x 115mm)
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