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Gloworm CX Battery

Gloworm CX Battery

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Gloworm batteries use only pre-selected premium Panasonic lithium-ion cells. Panasonic is the world’s leading lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer and their cells are the highest possible quality in terms of energy density, long life and safety. The batteries are rigorously tested for quality and safety before the sale.

The new CX 2-Cell 6800mAh lithium-ion battery was developed and manufactured specifically for the Gloworm CX Trail. Featuring ample run time and a small spacial footprint, these batteries feature the latest in Panasonic’s lithium-ion technology.


  • Appx 2 HR runtime on High in the CX Trail
  • Battery protection circuit to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, incorrect charging, short circuit and polarity reversal
  • 3.7V 6800mAh (2 High Capacity Cells) lithium-ion battery
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