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Cleanskin Pedal Pin Kit

Cleanskin Pedal Pin Kit

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In need of a fresh set of pins for your Cleanskin C-Flat or A-Flat Pedals? Then look no further!

The composite pin kits include 40 pins and 40 nuts, so 1 kit will give you enough to replace all pins and bolts for both C-Flat pedals.

These M3x10mm socket headpins are also compatible with many other pedals on the market. 
  • One Up Composite 
  • Crankbrothers Stamp 1
  • Raceface Chester
  • Deity Compound Flats
  • E-Thirteen Base Composite Flat Pedals 
  • Bontrager Line Elite
  • Chromag Synth 
  • Nukeproof Neutron
  • Kona Wah Wah 2 

The alloy pins come in a set of 40 silver pins. These measure at M4x10mm. Suitable for the Cleanskin A-Flat Pedals
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