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Cleanskin Clearskin Frame Protection Kit

Cleanskin Clearskin Frame Protection Kit

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Keep your bike looking fresh with the Cleanskin Clearskin Frame Protection Kit. Available in both transparent and textured designs, these kits will give your ride the protection it deserves with 24 different pieces that can be applied to protect key areas of your frame against damage. With pieces to suit the down tube, chain stays, seat stays, seat tube, head tube, top tube, and cable rub points.

Who's this item for: Anyone rider that wants to protect their frame from scratches and nicks.

Application: Very easy to install, just make sure the area is clean and free from grease/oil. Ideally clean with some isopropyl and allow it to dry. Peel off the backing and apply it to your frame. It is also shapeable with heat so using a hairdryer or heat gun at a safe distance works well on difficult curves. If required it is easy to cut to size.

Removal: It is advised that when you wish to remove the film from the bike that you safely use a hairdryer/heat gun to ensure a clean removal with no residue left on the frame.

Materials: Automotive-grade material that won't yellow over time with a 3M adhesive

Dimensions / weight: See images for full dimensions. 24 pieces

Standout feature:

  • Transparent - Clear with no tint and a smooth gloss finish
  • Textured - Clear honeycomb texture with slight impact resistance.

Pros: Excellent value for money. Plenty of coverage for most frames. No logos or graphics!

Cons: No print designs

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