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Cane Creek Double Barrel All-Black Coil IL CS Shock

Cane Creek Double Barrel All-Black Coil IL CS Shock

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DBcoil IL is the lightest weight coil shock on the market while using 40-50% more damper oil compared to other shocks in its class. The DBcoil IL is the first ever twin-tube inline shock that packs in all of the function of a piggyback coil shock in a lighter and sleeker package.

Oil circulates continuously through externally adjustable shock valves. Twin-tube shocks have two main chambers, a compression chamber, and a rebound chamber, separated by adjustable valves. The main damping piston forces damping oil between the compression and rebound chambers via the externally adjustable damping valves. On the trail, this routing of oil translates into less fade, more control, and greater consistency.

Climb Switch: Four-way adjustability becomes even more accessible with the new integrated tool nested in our CS (Climb Switch) lever.

When engaged, the low-speed damping is changed via a set of internal "climbing circuits." Cane Creek tune these circuits specifically for the demands of off-road climbing to achieve improved pedal efficiency with less chassis motion. Unlike other climbing platforms, our CS feature adjusts both low-speed compression and rebound.

Four-Way Independent Adjustment: The DBcoil IL offers an unparalleled range of adjustability through external adjusters that independently control each phase of damping without crossover effects. High and low-speed compression and high and low-speed rebound are independently adjusted.

Other inline shocks typically provide the user with a single rebound adjustment or rebound combined with limited pre-set low-speed compression. The easy tunability of DBcoil IL means a rider can make a quick trail-side change, increasing pop, plushness, or other features for personalised fine-tuning.

Linear + Progressive VALT Springs: The performance of your coil shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. VALT springs offer a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs.

Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the sensitivity and "set it and forget it" mentality of a traditional coil set up, but with the progressiveness and ramp up that hard-charging riders demand. Progression begins at 50% into the stroke of the spring.

Double Barrel Twin Tube Technology: Exclusive Twin Tube Technology circulates oil continuously through the damping valving to achieve highly controllable, independent damping for both compression and rebound strokes. This unique design moves oil through externally adjustable valving instead of the main piston, allowing for superior tunability and eliminating the need for internal valving changes to achieve proper shock setup.

Who is this for: This shock is for gravity focused riders looking for maximum performance and grip, and also need to control bobbing to improve efficiency on the climbs. Also for those who don't mind playing around with a wide range of settings that allow them to dial in their bike's handling to suit the terrain they ride.

Spring type: This is a coil spring shock. (does not come with a spring)

Compression/Rebound damper style technologies: Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and two low-speed damping circuits

Compression damper adjustments:

  • High speed: 4.5 turns.
  • Low Speed: 18 clicks.

Rebound damper adjustments:

  • High speed: 4.5 turns.
  • Low speed: 18 clicks.

Climb switch: 2 positions. Open, Climb.

Coil preload: 1-6 turns

Stanchion diameter: 12.7mm

Shaft diameter: 8mm

Eyelet size top / bottom: 15.05mm/15.05mm (Trunnion option M10x1.0)

DU bushing size: 12.7mm. High performance low friction IGUS bushing 1/2" Universal Axle.

Weight: 285g (weight varies by size - w/o spring)

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