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Avid Elixir - DB - Level Disc Brake Pads

Avid Elixir - DB - Level Disc Brake Pads

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Pad Compound

Genuine Avid/SRAM brake pads to suit any:

  • Elixir Series (except Trail),
  • DB Series or 
  • Level series (except Level TLM and Ultimate)

Available in 3 versions:

  • Sintered / Metallic with Steel Backing - Choose the sintered pads for longer pad life,  better wet  weather performance, and a firmer lever  feel . They can make a bit more  noise  though.
  • Organic / Resin with Steel Backing - Choose the organic/resin pads for a softer lever feel and quieter operation
  • Organic / Resin with Aluminium Backing - The Aluminium backing model will shave a few grams and dissipate heat a bit better too.

Pads come with Spring, Split Pin and locking bolt/c clip.

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