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AlpineStars Paragon Plus Youth Elbow Pads

AlpineStars Paragon Plus Youth Elbow Pads

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Lightweight, durable, and flexible, the Paragon Plus will keep the young ones elbows safe from gravel rash and some bigger impacts without being bulky and uncomfortable.

Who's it for? Any kid wanting to make sure they don't have to pick bits of gravel out of their elbows.

Protection style? Firm, yet flexible guard for great impact protection, but reasonably unrestricted movement.

Materials? Elastic, mesh, and rip-stop materials strategically placed to give abrasion resistance, mixed with comfort and breathability.

Closure? To keep them lightweight, these are a slip-on sleeve style pad.

Length? These cover from mid-bicep to mid-forearm, with the protector pad covering most of this length.

Protection level? Lightweight construction, but mid-level protection.

Removable padding? No, the pad cannot be removed from its sleeve for washing. However, you can wash the guards with the pad inside.

Pros? Great comfort and weight, with protection that hits above its class.

Cons? Lack of retention straps can cause some slippage if fit isn't perfect. Only two sizes.

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