Dollars for Dirt $100,000 Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who got involved with the voting and showing support for your favourite clubs. Congratulations to all the winners, and our consolations to everyone who missed out this time around.

Dollars for Dirt is an ongoing program that will continue to provide support to MTB clubs and organisations. We're looking forward to offering more opportunities like this in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Popular Vote Winners

Nelson Mountain Bike Club

Nelson Mountain Bike Club's supporters really came to the party and they received the most votes in the whole competition.

NMTBC boosts an impressive 3500 members and a trail network with more than 100km of world class trail riding. That amount of terrain is a lot to service for one volunteer driven non-profit organisation, so we are pumped the club was able to rally its supporters to get the votes it needed to get one of the 10 grants.

This couldn't have come at the better time for the club as the Nelson region has just suffered from catastrophic flooding which has taken a serious toll on the trail network. This funding will be put to good use to re-open some of the flood damaged trails.

Helensburgh Off Road Cycle Club

Helensburgh Off Road Cycling Club (HORCC) is a thriving community of trail riders with a growing number of memberships. Their club caters for riders from all age brackets and always encourages its members to join social rides, races and explore new trails.

NMTBC boosts an impressive 3500 members and a trail network with more than 100km of world class trail riding. That amount of terrain is a lot to service for one volunteer driven non-profit organisation, so we are pumped the club was able to rally its supporters to get the votes it needed to get one of the 10 grants.

Garigal Gorillas

The Garigal Gorillas were formed in 2017 to support the ever-growing mountain bike community around the Northern Beaches. Their main goals as a club are to help develop and maintain sustainable mountain biking trails and provide resources & events for their large mountain bike community. They have a strong groms program, regular social rides and ladies only riding groups.

Besides creating and maintaining a great trail network they are also always looking forward and advocating with the Council, National Parks and Landowners to futureproof the access to mountain bike trails in the area. 

Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Club

Greenvalleys MTB Club was formed in early 2016 with its home base at the Greenvalleys MTB park just south of Wollongong. Their trails are a gravity-fed playground of jumps, drops, berms, and natural features, making it a favourite destination for riders from Sydney, Canberra, and the NSW South Coast.

With over 1500 members, the club has grown to become the largest in Australia, hosting regular events such as social rides, skills clinics, dig days, and numerous race events including the 2021 Enduro National Champs. They're also looking out for the needs of E-MTB riders, with a dedicated climbing track and E-MTB events.

The club is planning to put this funding towards improvements to the GV Community Hub, with more storage, better facilities, and undercover areas to take shelter when it rains.

Inside Line Downhill Mountain Bike Club

This club has been around since 1994 when they were formed to support mountain bikers with a preference for downhilling.

They've been an instrumental part of the Aussie DH scene over the years, running numerous events at club, state, and national level. Their supportive community atmosphere has bred a long list of top-level riders, including Connor Fearon, Troy Brosnan, and Shelly Flood among many others.

The launch of an Adaptive Downhill category at the SA State Championships in August has seen this community spirit extending to riders with mobility challenges that still wanna shred.

SA has been awarded the final round of the 2022/2023 National DH Series which will run as part of Eaglefest next March. The $10,000 from this grant will help the club perform work on the trail network, the adaptive track, and potential timing system upgrades to help them create the best possible experience for the riders and wrap up the series in style.

Gravity-focused riding is in a very healthy place in SA, and this club is a big part of the reason why.

Merit Based Selections

This part of the competition was to give the smaller, lesser-known clubs a chance to score some funding. We had to make some very tough decisions to narrow it down to only 5 clubs!

Mountain Biking East Gippsland

This group is one of the newest MTB clubs in Australia, having only formalised as a club in June 2020. They have managed to grow and survive since then, despite their shire being recognised as the most economically impacted area in Australia from the combined effects of the Black Summer fires, Covid lockdowns, and flooding.

The club has some great trail networks in the area, with Mt Taylor, near Bairnsdale, hosting rounds of the Victorian Downhill series back in the day. Some of the original trails are over 10 years old and in need of some serious love after many years of drought immediately followed by 3 very wet years.

The club plans to use their funding to rebuild key parts of the downhill and all-mountain trails to make them more sustainable and bring them back to a standard that can support high-level race events. The goal is to reignite the Mt Taylor round of the Victorian Downhill Series, bringing racers back to the region and helping secure the club's financial future.

Majura Pines Trail Alliance

The trail network this group looks after has been a big part of the Aussie MTB scene for decades, stretching back to a time when forks were rigid, bars were narrow, and seat posts were 10 feet long. The trails have produced generations of riders, hosted state and national series XC and DH events, and have been a huge part of the 24hr racing scene over the years.

There have been some dark times along the way, with major logging operations, and a freeway going through the middle almost killing the trails off, but the matriarch of the Canberra riding scene has come back better than ever thanks to the work of this dedicated group of volunteers.

Without any paid memberships or financial support, their efforts are largely fuelled by the food and beer donated by local businesses, but heavy rainfall and increased use of the trails during Covid lockdowns have degraded some of the trails past the point where they can be repaired with hand tools alone.

The funding from this grant will help them to engage a professional trail builder to revamp one of the main machine-built trails, freeing the volunteers up to focus on building and maintaining the many other hand-built trails in the network.

Coot-tha Kids MTB

Coot-tha Kids MTB are on a mission to increase access to MTB for all kids across Australia and make it a realistic alternative to ball sports. They want 100 clubs and 5,000 kids in the program by 2027 and they have a plan to make it happen.

Coot-tha Kids MTB provides a free franchise for anyone wishing to set a kids specific MTB program in their area. They hope this open source model will help communities make the sports more accessible to younger people. Aside from increasing their reach they are also planning to increase their breadth by making MTB more accessible to children with disabilities so they too can enjoy the freedom of trail riding.

With their funds from Dollars For Dirt Fund Coot-tha Kids MTB plans to set up a syllabus and set of lesson plans that they will keep open source to any club or group of adults who wish to use them to promote MTB to the next generation. They also want to get as many of their coaches accredited by AucCycling

Break the Boundary

This incredible organisation is dedicated to providing trail riding experiences to those with a disability. They help people connect with nature and explore areas they may have once thought to be inaccessible for people with disabilities. This connection to independence and freedom is an amazing way for people to overcome their physical, mental and social boundaries.

Break the Boundary is located at the trail head and their whole operation is off grid but they have recently discovered that their battery that collects energy from their solar energy system prematurely come to end of its life. To continue their amazing work they have been desperately scrambling to raise the runs to upgrade the dead battery. The injection of funding will allow the team at Break the Boundary to adaptive bike batteries charge, operate the security system, run the community wash bay and provide a warm cup of coffee for our volunteers and members (or cold drink during summer).

Townsville Rockwheelers

The Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club is one of Australia’s largest and oldest clubs. They care for over 50km of trails around the region and see large numbers of locals and visitors use our trail network. The Rockwheelers have large of junior member base and try to encourage the participation of kids as much as possible.

The club has been looking for funding so they can contract professional trail builders to help breathe new life into one of their clubs favourite and most used trails. We are excited our donation can help make this happen for them.