Pedaling Innovations - Catalyst

Pedaling Innovations - Catalyst

Quite possibly the largest flat pedal in production, the Pedaling Innovations Catalyst is most definitely worth checking out.

So how do the Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals compare to 'regular' flat pedals? Against other staples in flat pedals (Crank Bros Stamp, OneUp, Deity T-Mac etc), the Catalyst stands up quite well for itself. It's comparable to most of the competition in terms of grip, bearing quality, and strength, but its size really helps it stand out amongst a swarm of other fantastic options. Check out the video below to see how they compare to other pedals.


  • 28 m4 grub screw pins - 14 per side
  • 128mm long, 95mm wide (Crank Bros Stamp Large = 114x111mm)
  • Double sealed bearings and DU Bushes
  • Machined from T6 6061 aluminium alloy
  • Heat-treated Cromo spindle
  • 520g per pair, with 6mm pins installed


  • More pedalling power
  • Added stability
  • Increased comfort
  • Replaceable pins, bearings, and axles


  • Pre-installed 6mm pins aren't super grippy
  • New foot position might not be for everyone
  • Reasonably heavy
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