Why we're supporting World Bicycle Relief - and how you can help!

Why we're supporting World Bicycle Relief - and how you can help!

We've been plotting a design for a Mountain Bikes Direct t-shirt for quite some time. We had it sketched out, and were pretty excited when we reached that point on our list of projects!

Mountain Bikes Direct T-Shirt

Then we got to thinking - having people out there rocking our tee and spreading the word about our growing business is a huge plus for us. So let's be honest, we don't really need to be making a profit on an item like that.

But what if we could give our customers an opportunity to support our brand, and support an awesome charity at the same time? And what if that charity loves bikes, just like we all do?


That's how we came up with the idea - for every Mountain Bikes Direct tee we sell, we donate 100% of proceeds (the entire amount you pay!) to World Bicycle Relief.

World Bicycle Relief - Kids

Why World Bicycle Relief?

We picked WBR to donate to because the backbone of our business is bikes, and the centre of WBR's work is providing bikes to transform lives!

We're impressed by the way WBR work, including that they:

  • Design, source and manufacture brand new, rugged bicycles that are specifically engineered for rough, rural terrain (not second-hand imports that don't suit
  • Bikes are assembled locally.
  • Systems are set up to make sure there is local knowledge and tools to maintain the bikes.
  • Bikes are provided through a variety of programs and to help a wide range of people.

World Bicycle Relief

How does a bike change a life?

Sure, you love your bike - you might even say that discovering riding has been life-changing. But this is for real! All over Africa, people travel long distances on rugged terrain, just to do their day-to-day tasks (go to work, school, access healthcare). On foot, travel can be lengthy, even dangerous - and a bike let's people haul more goods over longer distances.

As WBR say, this isn't just a bike - "it's a tool for economic and cultural empowerment".

The Buffalo Bike
The Buffalo - WBR's custom bike!

How does buying a t-shirt help?

We're selling our tees for $20. It costs around $140 AU to provide one of WBR's custom bikes, so for every 7 tees we sell, someone in Africa will be provided with a bike that will change their life!

So get in there and buy one!

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