Dollars for Dirt - September 2018

Dollars for Dirt - September 2018

Dollars For Dirt

Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia. We've recently DOUBLED the amount of funds we put forward - so now each month, we put $1,200 on the table, and we ask our customers to vote to decide who gets the funds.

Each group gets at least $300, but the group with the highest votes at the end of the month scores $600!

Read more about the program or nominate your club here

Check out the groups for September 2018:

Orienteering Association of WA (WA)

"Orienteering Western Australia was founded in 1974. For over 40 years we have been providing orienteering sporting opportunities for Western Australians. We now also run mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) where navigation is done along trails and tracks using a mountain bike. Our goal is to provide high quality and enjoyable orienteering events in Western Australia for regular, occasional and first time orienteers."

Maryborough MTB Club Inc (QLD)

"Melinda and Andrew Macaulay have started our club and are experienced competitors, instructors, track organisers and club developers. Our club is in its infancy but we have strong leadership and enthusiastic members. We are all community-minded and realise the positive financial and tourism advantages a good MTB Course will have on our regional town. We are currently liaising with our Council and Community to secure a suitable area to build a course. If enthusiasm has anything to do with success we will be an awesome club!"

Richmond River Riders (NSW)

"We are a Lismore local MTB club committed to the area to create trails in the area and promote MTBing with a family-friendly atmosphere. We have already created a small MTB park at Captain Rous MTB trails and we are looking to expand locally a large MTB trail network and partnership with the local university. The funds will help us create and maintain trails, hold events on those trails and provide facilities for MTBers."

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