Dollars for Dirt - June 2018

Dollars for Dirt - June 2018

Dollars For Dirt

Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia. We've recently DOUBLED the amount of funds we put forward - so now each month, we put $1,200 on the table, and we ask our customers to vote to decide who gets the funds.

Each group gets at least $300, but the group with the highest votes at the end of the month scores $600!

Read more about the program or nominate your club here

Check out the groups for June 2018:

Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels (NSW)

"We are a very active club that has 2 locations to build and maintain trails. Funds always required!!"

Linga Longa Trail Crew (WA)

"This is a trail crew that has only been together for approx 5 yrs but is dedicated to changing the standard of trails in Western Australia, by building a diverse range of trails in a smaller area. This is helping push the boundaries in tail building with in Australia. This area in Balingup held the National Enduro round last year and with the future builds in mind we also help to hold the National XC/ DH events. The Shire is very keen and happy to see these trails expand and the feel this is one of the best tourism platforms to head this way for a long time. This would be used towards creating a new trails to help promote the area to help increase tourism in the SW Balingup area. The ways we would use this is for new tools and design for the blue and green enduro trails, plus the XC and DH trails we are looking at putting in to get the XC/ DH events down to this community."

Gisborne and Surrounds MTB? (VIC)

"We are a local group of men, women and children who decided to form our mountain bike club to provide anyone an opportunity to learn about our local trails and to get people further involved in our wonderful community. We do all our own maintenance ourselves and we could use the money to purchase items like chicken wire and fixings. Living where we do, our winters are long and we have many obstacles where by adding chicken wire we can still ride them all year round without the possibility of slipping off."

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