Dollars for Dirt - December 2018

Dollars for Dirt - December 2018

Dollars For Dirt

Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia. We've recently DOUBLED the amount of funds we put forward - so now each month, we put $1,200 on the table, and we ask our customers to vote to decide who gets the funds.

Each group gets at least $300, but the group with the highest votes at the end of the month scores $600!

Read more about the program or nominate your club here

Check out the groups for December 2018:

Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders (NSW)

"Hastings Valley Mountain Bike Riders (HVMBR) are a mountain bike club with our home trail base being Jollynose Mountain Bike Park. We are a non-for-profit group, who build and maintain all of the trails within the park, as well as run all sorts of races ranging from club level all the way to national. With a $300 donation we would use it to hire some tools so that we can start building our next trail, which will be running from the trig point all the way to the bottom of the hill. We would also use some of the donation to fund some new trail head signs!"

Yack Tracks Incorporated (VIC)

Yack Tracks was borne from a group of mountain bike enthusiasts who have been cycling in the Stanley State Forest for over 20 years. Officially incorporated in July 2014 so that the riders could be properly represented and to have the existing track network endorsed by DELWP, Yack Tracks is now proud to have a 232 strong membership, ranging in age from 4 to 70, with over 40% female. The Yack Tracks network now boasts an impressive "old school" hand built network of over 50km which is currently being extended and tweaked to improve rider experience. Unlike many other mountain bike parks around Australia, Yack Tracks offers 3 individual long format cross country loops which can be tailored to create a longer adventure, generating greater rider experience.

$300 would significantly assist in the signage and re-mapping of our extended network. One thing we have aimed to ensure is that riders can get on their bikes and don't have to navigate their way through and around the network. The existing signage is as simple as colour coded arrows which define the 3 major loops. Feedback we have had vindicates this decision and it is something we wish to continue as the network expands.

NV Gravity Bike Park (QLD)

"What started out as hobby trail located in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, the plot of land we have been building on has now had its real potential noticed. The owners of this spectacular 100 acres of natural terrain have been ever so kind to let us build trails but now it has really taken off and the demand and interest in riders from far and wide is well outweighing our ability to cater for the numbers. It's hard to describe the feeling of riding out at NV Gravity Park and can only really be summed up by getting out there and experiencing it for yourself- the views, the people, the buzz after each lap- you need to get out there and do a day for yourself to know. $300 would go a long way into helping get water stations set up for us on the trails to assist with digging and shaping."

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