Dollars For Dirt - September 2017

Dollars For Dirt - September 2017

Dollars For Dirt

Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia. We put $600 on the table, and we ask our customers to vote to decide who gets the funds. Each group gets at least $150, but the group with the highest votes at the end of the month scores $300!

Read more about the program or nominate your club here

Check out the groups for September 2017:

RoMBA (Robe Mountain Bike Association) (SA)

"We are a newly formed Mountain Bike Association in Robe SA which was established in 2013 by a group of social MTB enthusiasts. Our social rides soon tuned into building trails so that our families and friends could also enjoy the experience of Mountain Biking in our small town. We are actively maintaining and growing our MTB Trials which includes a pump track, Fat Tyre trails amongst the sandy 4WD areas and have plans to expand our existing trails including a skills park. Our trails are very unique with the diverse terrain we have to work with in developing our trails. It is awesome to see kids & families utilize these trails which encourages a healthy lifestyles and fitness. Not only are these trails excellent for MTBing but brings in another dimension to trail running, hiking and bird watching. RoMBA would also love to hold a MTB event which will also draw many two wheel enthusiasts to the town. Robe relies heavily on the summer season to carry local businesses through the winter periods and it is fabulous to see that we are drawing tourists to our town to ride these fabulous trails and to stay longer whilst visiting Robe. Riding around Robe you will be captivated by its stunning rugged coastline and famous icons that you can view at your own pace when riding the trails. If RoMBA received a donation of $300 we would put this money towards printing our certified maps on hankies. This would help tourists navigate their way around the trails whilst wiping their brow plus keep the map as a memento from their awesome MTB experience at Robe."

You Yangs MTB Inc (VIC)

"We are a mountain bike club based out of the you yangs national park in Victoria. The trail crew take care of the maintenance of all the MTB trails within the Park, and the creation of new ones when allowed. The committee is made up of 10 boys and me being the only girl. We hold shuttle days once a month for anyone that wants to ride, members or non members. We want to keep the shuttle days very social and family friendly and welcoming of new people wanting to learn MTBing. Our committee members will take new people down the tracks for the their first time. And provide coaching to riders when they see them on the trials. Being a committee member with the club is a great, and I love talking to everyone on the shuttle days. It's awesome cause we are all there for the love of the bike and the trials that we maintain! With the $300 donation we would put back into our shipping container that has been broken into twice. The shipping container houses all the supplies and track maintenance item the club uses. And the rest of the money would go back into our shelter shed next to the shipping container, there are few things the club wants to do with it."

Richmond River Riders (NSW)

"Richmond River Riders have recently completed the development of Captain Rous Park Mountain Bike Trails, located on the outskirts of the urban environment of Goonellabah, NSW. These trails are located within a once underutilised park and now offer riders trails in an undulating landscape with well-established trees in close proximity to residents and businesses. With its location in the higher levels of the City of Lismore, the topographical features of this location provide riders with a rural backdrop in an urban location that can be accessible by private and public transport. The Captain Rous Park Recreational Mountain Bike Trails capitalises on Lismore's expanding high class sporting venues. Having worked with our local Council and community for over three years, to develop these trails it has not come without cost. Originally our approved development incorporated approximately 8km of 'World Trail' designed trails on a site in the outskirts of the City of Lismore, however aboriginal archaeological findings inhibited further progress. Despite this overwhelming set back, and the subsequent loss of over 30 members due to lack of trail progress, our club persevered and explored alternate sites and developed a proposal to construct a network of interconnected urban trails throughout our city. Stage 1 will complete next week, mid July. In June/July 2017 Richmond River Riders finally had something to show for all of its hard work, with the conclusion of construction of the first official urban mountain bike trails in the Lismore Local Government Area. These short trails are both accessible and highly visible and showcase mountain biking to the wider community. This is only the beginning for our club, having hurdled many challenges already, we plan to leverage off the success of Captain Rous Park Mountain Bike Trails to continue developing urban trails within underutilised land throughout our community. Having exhausted all our funding on the development and construction of our first mountain bike trails at Captain Rous Park Mountain Bike Trails, Goonellabah, your donation would go toward marketing and promotion of these trails as well as promoting the benefits of mountain biking generally. Your support will help us build awareness of our new trails, improve our member base and importantly encourage more feet to pedals."

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