Dollars For Dirt - August 2017

Dollars For Dirt - August 2017

Dollars For Dirt

Each month, we select three groups who are doing excellent things in MTB in Australia. We put $600 on the table, and we ask our customers to vote to decide who gets the funds. Each group gets at least $150, but the group with the highest votes at the end of the month scores $300!

Read more about the program or nominate your club here

Check out the groups for August 2017:

Northern Beaches Cycling Club (WA)

"Northern Beaches Cycling Club is located in the Perth Northern suburbs, We are one of the very few clubs that have membership pathways to all forms of cycling. Mountain Biking, Road, Road Masters, Junior development and CX. The group promotes road safety and will support all pro cycling initiatives to promote cycling, racing and safety in the community. Our moto is " All Welcome " We are currently working with stakeholders to develop a framework and concept plan for a XC Mountain Bike Trail in the Perth Northern Suburbs. We need funding to kick start this phase in line with Perth & Peel Mountain Bike Master Plan."

Coffs Downhill (NSW)

"Coffs Downhill is a small group of dedicated individuals who create, care and promote the amazing Coffs Downhill scene! We've existed since 2004 and have staged some huge events with a passion for creating trails that people travel from all over to ride and race on. Our small club racing scene is back on it's feet after a few years of hardship and our supporters can't get enough of it. We've created one of Australia's favorite downhill trails that caters for advanced riders and people who love to visit and test themselves in our beautiful forests. Our trails are entirely hand built and cared for by our small group doing it for the love of mountain biking in our spare time after work and on weekends. What our team achieves is astounding and truly sets an example for what can be achieved through hard work as a team. A $300 donation would be so beneficial to our trail care group. We'd invest it in upgrading some of our hand tools to continue creating amazing trails plus we'd have some extra funds available to treat our super supportive shuttle drivers and volunteers at our club events with some gifts to say thanks. We're a small group kicking big goals and it's often nice to be able to say a thanks to our crew."

Logan Community Trailcare Alliance (QLD)

"We have been building trails in Cornubia Forest for about 5-6 years now. We are responsible for the addition of Wallum Froglet, Spangled Drongo and Birdwing trails plus we assisted heavily with the building of Jumping Ant and Possum Box in Daisy Hill. This has seen many kilometres of fun trail added to the SEQ network. Trail that suits beginners right up to advanced riders and we are all volunteers, giving up our riding time to help create something better for all riders. With a big new trail build pending in Cornubia Forest, we would purchase some new tools. The rocky nature of Cornubia Forest eats Rake Hoes so we want to purchase some tough, Aussie made "Rake and Bake" trail tools from Trailscapes."

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