The Best Way to Stay Safe on the Road and Trail

The Best Way to Stay Safe on the Road and Trail

Cycling can be, but doesn't have to be dangerous. In fact, if you set yourself up for success with the right safety gear and some basic knowledge, then you can take the open road, the busy urban street, or the bush trail with peace of mind knowing that you are ready for anything.

Quality Lights to See and Be Seen

Specialising in the sale of frames, gear, and accessories for mountain biking, NSW Compensation Lawyers recently reached out to us for our thoughts on cycling safety. While most cyclists know that they need a safety light so motorists can see them on the road, not as many think of having the right lighting so they can see the road, or trail. Those bright, flickering lights will ensure that you stand out on dark city streets, but they won't help you see the tree branch or other road hazard that could send you flying over your bars!

We recommend using a good quality light to view obstacles or debris. You can mount a light to your handlebars, helmet, backpack, jacket, or saddle – whatever will help you be visible and enhance your visibility as well. Make sure you opt for a good quality light. Brands like Cateye, a Japanese company that has been around since the 1960s, know how to design and manufacture lights that are highly functional. And highly functional is exactly what you need when it comes to your safety!

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Protective Gear

The other preventative measure that is a must for cyclists is to wear great safety gear. Of course, wear a great helmet that you are comfortable with. They are not only necessary for protecting your head (and, ahem, your brain) in the case of an accident, but they are also legally required! Wear your helmet every time you ride.

Another essential that some riders overlook is a pair of protective gloves. This was our top tip for the article, 'Protect yourself with these cycling safety tips'

"In the event of a fall, rather than scraping your palms on the ground as you instinctively brace yourself before you hit the ground, gloves will keep your palms safe" reads our section on safety gear.

Biking gloves make it easier to control your bike, especially in the cold, and they will provide padding in the case of an accident. Get a pair that you are comfortable with and that has plenty of cushion, like the Fox Ranger Gel Half Finger Gloves. It's fingerless and has gel inserts for extra protection.

Once you've protected yourself with the right gear and armed yourself with the necessary road knowledge, you'll be free to have a safer and more fun time on and off the road!

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